Resume Samples for New Teachers

New teachers often have tough competition when it comes to an available teaching position. To stand out to potential employers or school boards, the new teacher needs to format her resume so it shows her qualifications and skills in the teaching industry, despite having little experience. The resume should present the new teacher’s personality and qualifications on the first page, so the employer does not have to spend time searching for relevant skills.

Personality Profile

Since teachers will be working with children or young adults, employers or school boards will often look for likeable teachers who have lots of patience. The new teacher's resume should present a brief list summing up the main qualities that identifies the teacher’s personality and employability skills. This can include being enthusiastic, energetic, patient and creative and having a focus on a student's ability to learn.

List of Qualifications

The list of qualifications, also known as the summary of qualifications, is a list of points or information that qualifies the teacher for the given position. Qualifications can include previous experience interacting with the children, communication abilities, planning capabilities, a genuine interest in working with children, and years of voluntary experience in a classroom setting. The list should apply to the teaching position in question, so if the position is working with disabled children, the list should reflect experience in that particular field.

Educational Achievements

The new teacher’s resume includes educational achievements, as new teachers often have little to no practical experience to show on the resume. The educational information should include the name of the institutions where the teacher has completed the required education, and the focus on the degree program. For instance, the teacher may have completed a four-year science degree program plus an additional education degree to focus on teaching. Both degree programs are presented on the resume with the years of graduation and the institutions’ respective locations.

Additional Experience

Any additional experience that applies to the teaching position should be included on the resume. Previous awards, recognition in the classroom, recognition in daycares or classroom for voluntary work, and experience working as a camp counsellor during the summer should also be included. Since the teacher is new to the industry, she should use as much information as possible to build up her presentation of expertise.