An Excellent Customer Service Cover Letter

When applying for a customer service job, your cover letter should stress your people skills, your ability to solve problems and your communication skills. Customer service representatives spend a great deal of time with the public, making these skills essential. Since communication is a big part of the job, your cover letter for a customer service position should showcase your communication skills.

Introductory Paragraph

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and state that you are applying for the offered customer service position. In the opening paragraph, state where you heard about the job offer. "My name is Joe Smith. I am interested in the customer service position your company advertised in The Journal," is an appropriate opening.

Body Paragraph One

One or two short body paragraphs are all you need. These paragraphs should highlight any educational background you have relating to the business where you're applying or any customer relations education you have. Your entire educational background isn't necessary, since that will be included in your resume. Highlight only relevant educational background specific to the job you want.

Body Paragraph Two

Discuss your desire to work in an environment that provides interaction with customers. Point out two or three relevant jobs you've had in the past that allowed you to work closely with customers. Stress that you enjoy solving customer problems and that customer satisfaction is your primary goal. "My past employment with (company) allowed me to work closely with the public, using my knowledge of the product to field customer complaints. I pride myself in my ability to help customers in a professional manner, always working toward the goal of customer satisfaction" is appropriate.

Closing Paragraph

Close your cover letter by stating that you are looking forward to using your communication and problem-solving skills with the company. State that you have included your resume with your cover letter, thank the recipient of the letter for taking the time to review your resume, and state that you look forward to hearing from her regarding the job.