The human resources department of a business, also known as the HR department, is responsible for anything that has to do with the employees of the business. The same holds true for a real estate company. The real estate agents representing the agency and the office assistants must have a department or group of HR workers where they can get support and advice on how to handle employee matters and address personnel issues.

Hiring and Recruiting

The human resources department in a real estate company is responsible for recruiting, interviewing and hiring new real estate employees and agents. Although most real estate agents are paid on commission, they are still being represented by the real estate agency. The employees working at the real estate office also must be recruited and hired to ensure they meet the company’s professional standards. Each employee or agent that comes through the real estate agency must understand the procedures and regulations that make the agency credible and experts in the real estate industry.

Internal Operations

The human resources department also ensures that everything runs and operates as expected internally between the employees of the real estate agency. This includes procedures for handling harassment in the workplace, legal matters regarding sales of homes or apartments and firing unproductive employees. The human resources department also is responsible for creating and updating safety procedures for the real estate office, so all employees are safe at all times.

Agents and Procedures

Even though real estate agents often work on the commission payments from the real estate sales made, they must follow specific sales procedures to uphold the standards and credibility of the real estate agency. It is the responsibility of the human resources department to teach the agents about these procedures and ensure that they are being followed and respected in each sale. This can include informing buyers about the procedures, about lending options and about leasing the property, if the house does not sell as desired.

Evaluations and Support

As any other company, a real estate agency also conducts employee and agent evaluations. Any company does not want to keep employees who are not motivated to work and are a liability for the agency. The agents who represent the business, along with the internal office workers, are evaluated on an annual basis by the owner of the agency with support from the human resources department. The evaluations ensure that the workers and agents are performing as expected to benefit the real estate agency.