The Best Home Business to Start to Earn Money

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The best home businesses to start and earn money are different for every individual. You will need to first assess your talents and skills and determine which business best meets your needs. Whether you are selling a product or service, you have to enjoy what you do. You may also need certain credentials to start a business. Still, there are many different types of home business.

Gift Basket Service

People buy gift baskets for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and holidays, including Valentine's Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving. With gift baskets, you can be as creative as you want, offering an array of fruits, gifts, candy or assorted products. Starting a gift basket business from home will cut down on your overhead costs. However, you will need to budget a certain amount toward advertising to apprise customers of your gift basket service. Your best bet may be specializing in a certain area like wedding gift baskets. That way you can obtain business through various wedding coordinators or planners. Another option is to list your gift basket services in the local print and online yellow pages.


You can start a consulting business fairly quickly from home, especially if you have experience in a certain field. Examples of consulting services include gardening, auditing, taxes, career counseling and computer consulting, according to You can also offer consulting services if you have experience in marketing research, event planning or operational management. Start with your warm market or people your know. You can also join professional associations related to your field. For example, marketing consultants can join the American Marketing Association and start attending their meetings. Contact people by phone, then set up appointments to present your consulting services. Research each company in advance so you can specifically address certain aspects of their business. You also want to become familiar with the industry lingo.

Personal Instruction

Examples of personal instruction include tutoring in subjects like math or reading. You may also have a special talent that you can teach other people, including guitar, piano, sewing, cooking or karate lessons. Whatever the case, establish your agenda and pricing in advance. For pricing, get the competitive rate for your type of instruction. Distribute fliers in your neighborhood. Limit your instruction to as many customers as you can handle.

Business Support

Business support can be a profitable home business for people with experience in writing or clerical duties. In 2011, companies continue to outsource work--sometimes instead of hiring employees. Therefore, you can market your particular skills to companies that outsource work. For example, you may have lots of experience working with computer spreadsheets, word processing or databases. Hence, you could offer to type documents or manage customer databases.