Business Names for an LLC

Naming an LLC, or limited liability company, is different from naming other kinds of businesses. You cannot use the name of a business that is already incorporated, and you cannot use the term "Inc." at the end of your business name. You cannot have the word "partners" in your company name, but your name must end in "LLC" or some form of it, such as "limited liability company" or "limited company." With those rules in mind, there are several different kinds of names you can come up with for your LLC.

Partner Names

Your LLC company name cannot include the word "partners" in the name itself, but that does not mean you cannot name it after the founding members. If Smith and Jones founded the company, call it "Smith and Jones, LLC." These sorts of names are useful in law firms, advertising firms and medical practices. Since the individuals involved in the firm are interested in promoting themselves and their business, having their name in the LLC name creates a powerful marketing angle.

Descriptive Names

An LLC is commonly used by business people who are brought together by a common industry. You can help make your LLC business sound more professional by including the industry in the name. For example, a group of dentists who band together to create a single practice under an LLC in Boston could call the practice Boston Dental Care, LLC; Boston Family Dental Practice, LLC; or the Boston Oral Care Association, LLC. Work with the industry type to help create an identifiable LLC name.

Random Names

Some of the more distinctive business names can become the most memorable. In an LLC, each owner will probably like to have equal input into decisions regarding the company. Have each owner pick a random word or name and then piece them together into an LLC company name. For example, if three accounting partners submit the words "blue," "moon" and "shadow" as possible business name words, the final name could be "Shadow of the Blue Moon Accounting, LLC." The name would have significance to each owner, and it could be something clients and prospects will remember. Spend some time with this process to try to find the right combination of words to create a unique LLC business name.

Localized Names

One of the reasons for creating a business name is to use it as a marketing tool to interest prospective clients. When you base an LLC in a particular area, consider using some geographic significance or a local historical figure to name your LLC. For example, if your advertising company is located in an area where Benjamin Franklin is said to have flown the kite that he used to discover electricity, you could name your company "Franklin's Discovery Advertising, LLC." This allows you to connect your LLC to the local community through a clever use of local events, and it is also something people from outside the area will understand as well.



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