Do You Need a License to Sell Pet Treats?

If you are looking to make pet treats and sell them as a small business venture you will need to follow some basic guidelines. You will have to find out if your local health department will allow you to make them from your home, and if it does, what guidelines must you follow? If such a small business venture is allowed, do you need a license to do so? So how do you come about this information?

Getting your tax identification number

Before you can start a retail business, you will have to attain a tax identification number. At, you follow step-by-step procedures to apply for an Employer Identification Number, or EIN..

Establishing if your business is zoned properly

After you have attained your EIN, you must next make sure that your business location is zoned correctly. Your local city or county building department can tell you what uses your land is zoned for, and how to apply for a conditional use permit, if necessary.

Obtaining your business license

Obtain a business license from your local jurisdiction, either city or county. The price of a license depends on many factors, such as the size of your business, the number of employees and yearly revenue.

Getting you pet treats aproved.

You must take a sample of each of your treats to a lab for analysis and list the nutritional content on the label. Your state department of agriculture or similar agency may have further requirements.