Human resources departments in an organization handle employee relations, hiring and benefits for all workers. The human resources manager oversees the function of the department and sometimes specializes in an area of human resources management. Human resources departments shape company policies and bring in the most qualified employees.

Job Duties

The human resources manager directs the activities of workers in the department. A manager assigns duties to HR employees, including training, employee benefits and recruitment. The human resources manager works with department heads to determine the needs of the organization. For example, a department head might determine that a specific number of employees is needed to fulfill the goals of the organization. The human resources manager will assign the task to a worker in the department to place advertisements for workers, recruit new employees, conduct interviews and check references to fulfill the need of the department.


Human resources employees may enter the field with a bachelor’s degree, but an advanced management position requires a master’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), education in human resources does not occur until the graduate level. The manager might have education in a technical field such as engineering in a high- tech company. Business administration and industrial relations degrees assist those seeking a management position in human resources.

Job Skills

A human resources manager must have communication skills to work with employees, new recruits and department heads. A manager must have leadership skills to direct the activities of workers in the HR department. Human resources managers are knowledgeable in employment law and the regulations to protect workers.


Human resources managers can advance to a consultant position working independently with companies to develop a benefits package, hire new workers and create a training program. Human resources employees can obtain certification to advance in their careers. The American Society for Training and Development and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans offer certification for HR workers.