Business rules are established to foster a productive work environment and maintain employee safety. Every company might have its own specific set of rules, but some are found in virtually any work environment. These rules dictate appropriate employee actions and are enforced by various levels of disciplinary action, as established by a company’s Human Resources department.


Being at a place of employment by a certain time is a basic requirement for the majority of businesses. Companies rely on employees to manufacture products, provide services, manage others or perform administrative functions. As such, employers need to know that the employees will show up for work. In order to ensure that this happens, employers often have attendance policies in place. These establish disciplinary measures for such acts as habitual tardiness or excessive absenteeism.

Dress Code

A dress code is an example of a business rule that is found in one way or another for most businesses. Dress codes are often established to convey a sense of professionalism by employees to current and prospective customers. The clothing worn to perform various jobs can have an effect on employee and/or product safety, which is another purpose served by dress codes. An example of this is when welders wear heavy leather gloves to prevent exposure to sparks or flames.

Sexual Harassment

Businesses have strict rules banning sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment rules are put in place to ensure that no employees are put in an uncomfortable position while performing their jobs. A specific example of an action that is prevented by harassment rules is that bosses and managers cannot force an employee to have illicit relationships. Without these rules, businesses open themselves up to the possibility of lawsuits from workers who are violated or threatened.


Violence is not an acceptable behavior in a work environment and businesses have rules in place to prevent it from happening. Companies also have rules against the threat of violence. Employers need to foster an environment that enables workers to feel safe and without fear of physical harm. The act of violence is often used as grounds for immediate termination of employment. Threatening a fellow employee may result in such discipline actions as warnings or suspensions.