What Is an Insurance Proposal Report?

An insurance proposal is written by a freelance writer or by someone working within the business. It is a document or report that outlines and discusses potential insurance plans for the given business in question. An insurance proposal follows the same outline as any other business proposal but should focus on specific insurance plans and procedures that will benefit the needs of the business.

Insurance Proposal Definition

An insurance proposal is a proposed idea or solution for a given company that is looking to acquire insurance. This can be business insurance to protect the business against potential customer lawsuits or to provide insurance and health benefits for the employees working for the business. The proposal outlines the available insurance packages for the needs in question, along with implementation methods and a monthly budget for the company. Business executives may ask for several proposals to evaluate different insurance routes or options to find the best possible deal or package.

Using an Insurance Proposal

Business executives use an insurance proposal to determine whether it meets the standards of the business and its immediate needs. For instance, the business may be looking to provide health insurance for the employees. The health insurance package may need to provide specific benefits, such as dental coverage. The proposal may only offer hospital stays and partial dental coverage for a fixed price, so the business executives must determine if the proposal is the right choice based on the given information in the report.

Sections or Chapters

A business proposal that discusses insurance packages and options for a business should include an executive summary of the entire proposal. It should also include an overview of what the insurance is for, who will be involved in implementing the insurance plan or who will be eligible for it, a list of insurance companies or agencies applicable to the needs of the business and an overall budget that presents the total costs for the business, even on a monthly basis.


Each proposal should answer any questions the business executives may have. This includes providing insurance packages that are readily available, explaining how the company can acquire the insurance, which tests or health-related examinations the employees need to acquire life or health insurance and how much the insurance project will cost the company overall. The proposal should not pose any questions as business executives are looking for solutions.