Positive Feedback for Employee Reviews

Employee reviews are valuable to the company because they help identify possible managerial candidates to help guide the future of the company, and they let the company know what to expect in the way of pay raises for the coming budget. Employees also benefit from reviews because these regular evaluations help employees understand what needs to be worked on to improve and move up in the company. Receiving focused positive feedback in employee reviews can help motivate and inspire employees to expand their skills and sharpen their job performance.


When delivering positive feedback to an employee during a review, maintain your professionalism. Do not give personal opinions and do not create the feeling that you are using opinion. When you are doing an employee performance appraisal, you are trying to help develop the career of that employee. It will help you to maintain your professionalism if you try to remember that you will not be the only manager this employee has in her career. In order to help her she needs professional guidance and not personal opinion.


An efficient and proactive manager keeps notes on all of her employees during the course of the year and then uses those notes when giving specific examples of an employee's positive performance. It is not going to help employees to tell them that they have potential to succeed or that they have a high level of ability in a particular skill. It will help to use specific examples so the employees know exactly what you are talking about and can refer back to that example as a model for doing future tasks.

Create a Mix

Employees benefit from positive feedback on their individual performance, but it also helps to point out their strengths during their work with team members, according to Dr. David G. Javitch, writing on the Entrepreneur website. Mix in teamwork-positive feedback along with individual praise to help foster the sense of working as a group. Positive reinforcement for individual employees as group participants can help to build the confidence each staff member needs to give their input and feel part of the team.

Positive into a Negative

In a performance review, you do not want to mask negative traits of your employee by coating them with positive views. However, you can turn a negative into a positive by pointing out the lessons that can be learned from each employee mistake. Make employee errors the basis of the employee improvement plan, and point out to employees what they can expect when correcting their errors. For example, correcting errors can result in greater efficiency, which will make the job easier to do. Find positive ways to solve negative issues and you can get better results from employee reviews.