A business consulting proposal is a document that offers consulting suggestions for a business in question. If a business is experiencing issues that require a consulting perspective, a proposal will be written in order to determine how the issues will be resolved. It is quite common for larger businesses to hire a consultant to get an outside perspective on various areas, including internal employee issues, for example.

Who Writes It

A business consulting proposal is written by the consultant wanting to work with the company and solve the issues the company is experiencing. While the business itself requests the proposals from experienced consultants, it is up to each consultant to research the business and create a proposal that will cause that consultant to be hired for the job. In order words, the consulting proposal is used by the consultant as a way of selling himself and his experience as a consultant to the business executives, who evaluate the proposals received.


Before any project or idea is launched and implemented, a business will conduct different types of research in order to determine the best way of completing the project for the least amount of money. The same concept is required for consultants hired outside the business. The purpose of the consulting proposal is to determine whether the consultant’s idea of how to solve the company’s problem is the correct approach for the business. A business will often ask for numerous proposals from many consultants in order to get many ideas offered.


A business consulting proposal includes an opening section that discusses the issue in question. After the problem has been identified, the consultant will offer a section where she outlines her expertise and qualifications in this specific area or issue. This is often used as a selling point as to why this particular consultant should get the job. The third section includes a list of methods the consultant will use to solve the problem. A list of included features, as well as excluded features, will be included, so the business knows exactly what is involved in the proposal. A budget and consulting fees will be included right before the conclusion. The conclusion will simply remind the reader of why this particular consultant is the right choice for the project in question.


Some business consulting proposals will include charts and graphs in order to visually illustrate how the business will improve its sales or income, depending on what the business wants to do and what goals it wants to reach with the consultant. For example, if the company brings in a consultant in order to get fresh marketing ideas, the consultant may use graphs to show how previous projects he has done have resulted in increased sales and overall profit increase. Other features can include quotes from previous clients as a way of building up the consultant's expertise as a selling point.