Effective Teamwork in the Workplace

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Managers that develop a sense of teamwork among their staff members realize benefits in productivity and employee retention. The benefits of an effective team can be offset by any negative issues if building teamwork is not an ongoing process, according to management expert Randy Sletcha writing on the Leadership Management International website. By understanding the benefits of effective teamwork in the workplace, you can work harder to create a positive atmosphere.


Employees benefit from the positive environment created by a strong sense of teamwork in the workplace. When the staff members work as a team, they are more productive and more opportunities open up to them. That positive feeling of good teamwork can go a long way toward reducing the instances of turnover in the company. Employees tend to stay in a nurturing and positive environment, which reduces the costs the company incurs to hire and train replacement employees.


When people work closely as a team, they develop an intimate understanding of the talents and abilities of their teammates. Over time, a flow of information and responsibility develops that plays to the strengths of each staff member and increases the efficiency of the team. Daily tasks are handled in an effective manner because the team instinctively knows who is best qualified to handle those tasks. When an issue comes up, the team knows which members to go to when trying to resolve an issue and move forward.


Effective communication is essential for the survival and growth of a company. When a customer contacts customer service with a problem, staff members in sales and any other department involved in the issue should be brought in. Good teamwork breeds effective communication. When a staff works together as a team, information flows to where it is needed. Improved communication increases productivity and speeds up response time to customer issues.

Sick Time

When the workplace lacks a sense of teamwork, maintaining production when someone calls in sick or is forced to take an extended leave can be difficult. An efficient team covers for each other without causing a drop in production to the company. When teammates work closely together, they learn the basics necessary to cover for each other in times of need. This is also a benefit when new members are brought into the team. Since the teamwork atmosphere promotes harmony among the staff, each team member can offer something to the training of new employees and get the new employees up to speed quickly.