In Arizona, a professional license is necessary to work independently as an electrician contractor. Residential and commercial electrician work requires separate licensing, known as the C-11 and L-11 licenses, respectively. Although separate, the licenses have identical requirements under Arizona state law. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors oversees the licensure of residential and commercial electricians, establishing and enforcing eligibility requirements.


The C-11 and L-11 electrician journeyman licenses in Arizona require professionals to have four years of experience in the field. Journeymen may count their experience at their current level as well as any time they spent as supervisors of other electricians. Apprenticeship work hours do not qualify as experience years. Electricians must have the ability to verify their work experience through home or businessowners that used their services or with employers like contractors or labor unions to which they belong.


The Arizona Registrar of Contractors does not require electrician journeymen to have any specific education to receive either an L-11 or a C-11 license. To reach the journeyman level necessary for their experience to qualify for licensing, electricians typically do need some type of formal training. Combining classroom study with on-the-job training, apprenticeships are one possible option for training. As of December 2010, there are two approved apprenticeships for electrical contractors: one through the Arizona Builders Alliance and one through the Independent Electrical Contractors of Southern Arizona. Electrician training is also available from private vocational and technical schools and public community colleges. Programs vary in length and may culminate in a certificate, diploma or an associate or bachelor's degree.


The Arizona Registrar of Contractors requires electrician journeymen to pass two examinations prior to receiving a license. The first exam, the business management test measures a journeyman's knowledge of federal and Arizona laws governing construction. The test also assesses the ability to manage construction workers and the financial aspect of working as a contractor. For the second section called the trade test, journeymen answer multiple-choice questions related to electrical wiring and other aspects of commercial or residential electrical contracting. Electricians can take the examinations at Prometric Testing Centers in either Phoenix, Tempe, Flagstaff, Tucson, Goodyear or Casa Grande.


Qualified electricians can contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to request an application packet, which includes the registration forms for the required examinations. The packet is also available online. The form requests journeymen's contact information, such as their addresses and phone numbers. When submitting the form, electricians must pay a fee for each test. As of 2010, the total cost was $120. Electricians can submit the form online, by phone or fax if they choose to pay by credit card. Those paying by money order, certified or cashier's check must do so by postal mail.