Business proposal reports are documents that propose an idea or an approach to solving a problem or issue. This could be anything from an idea to solve excessive spending within the company or a strategy to launch a new marketing campaign. While the Capture Planning website suggests that no set rules are in place regarding business proposal reports, some points reappear in professional proposal reports.


Content will vary based on the subject of the proposal report, but some section categories tend to be used consistently. A business proposal report will frequently contain an executive summary, which highlights all of the key points discussed in the proposal in less than a page. The report will also include a methods section that explains methods or strategies that will be used to solve the problem and a management plan that outlines who will manage the project and a list of qualification of each mentioned player. Finally, a budget will be included that shows the prices and funding for the project in question.


A business proposal report is used to present an idea or solution to a problem or a strategy for a campaign or product launch. While the proposal is used to present an idea, it can also be used as a reference document, if the solution or campaign turns out to be a success.


Features are often optional in business proposal report, but can be used to improve the overall look or layout of the report. Examples include graphs or illustrations to show how the company’s sales may increase after the project has been implemented or a graph that shows a company’s savings after cost-cutting measures. Other features can include an index that outlines the content in the report and an appendix section, where additional information can be found.

Proposal Report vs. Proposal Presentation

The business proposal report is not the only format for presenting a proposal or idea for a given project or problem. Although a proposal report is commonly used for businesses so executives can read it when they have time, proposals may also be given as an oral presentation. The proposal presentation includes the same information as the report, but the audience will have the option of asking questions and addressing concerns. A written proposal report may also accompany a presentation, as requested by company executives.