Fliers, also referred to as leaflets and pamphlets, are a traditional medium for spreading advertising messages. While they can be considered old-fashioned, fliers still have a place in advertising, even in the digital age. With so much communication spread through email, fliers can sometimes serve as an alternative and eye-catching form of marketing.

Pro - The Cost

A flier can be a very cost-effective form of advertising. In its most basic form, a flier can consist of a simple sheet of paper that is stapled to a telephone pole. This type of advertising is virtually free and can prove effective, depending on what you are publicizing and the placement of the flier. For small business ventures, simply placing fliers in advantageous locations, such as on grocery store bulletin boards and at busy intersections, can have an impact that produces revenue.

Con - Dated

A downside to using fliers in your advertising is that they can be seen as cheap, dated and out of touch. This is especially true of fliers that are poorly designed. If a flier does not look polished and professional, paired with the fact that it is considered an old-fashioned medium, it can lead the consumer to think likewise of your business. Even though fliers can stand out in the Internet age, if they are not executed perfectly they could make your company look crude.

Pro - Physical Reminder

A flier creates a physical reminder of your business with the consumer. While an email could quickly shift downward in your inbox and be forgotten, a flier can sit on a counter, a coffee table or on a refrigerator indefinitely. This makes the flier more likely to be noticed and likewise keeps your business fresh in the mind of the consumer. A flier is a piece of advertising that you can touch, which could mean lasting impact in the mind of the recipient.

Con - Distribution

If your target market is large, a flier could be labor-intensive and costly to produce and distribute. Large flier blasts mean professional printing and likely a mass mailing. This process has many steps to manage, from design to printing to envelope stuffing to mailing. In addition, fliers that are direct mailed to the distribution list have to pay for postage, which can eat into your ultimate revenue.