Interview Questions for a Marketing Assistant

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Although it is an entry level position, a marketing assistant job can help you launch your marketing career. Primary duties include daily administration of emails, data entry and filing within the marketing department, according to Employment Crossing. Marketing assistants typically report to a marketing manager and help coordinate department activities, conferences and travel. In its December 1, 2010 update, PayScale reports a national average pay range of $30,000 to $40,000 for marketing assistants.


Marketing assistants operate under the direction of the marketing department manager, but often function within a marketing team. The question "Have you ever been a part of a marketing team and do you consider yourself a team player?" is important for a marketing job, according to the Job Interview & Career Guide site. Your response should identify your successful accomplishments within your work team and an understanding that the marketing assistant helps coordinate marketing activities that affect the entire department.


Skill Set notes that a marketing assistant needs to function efficiently and accurately while "simultaneously micro-managing, and problem-solving small crises." Marketing departments are usually working on various marketing activities at a time. The marketing assistant must coordinate these activities and deal effectively with dynamic changes, without becoming overly stressed. Multitasking skills and stress management skills should stand out in a good response to an interview question about your ability to deal with multiple challenges at once. A good basic interview request is "Give me an example of a time when you had to manage multiple tasks or situations at once, and how it worked out."


An interviewer might say "Give an example of a work situation that shows off your creativity." In its "Marketing Assistant Resume Sample," the Job Interview and Career Guide site includes "creative and proactive" on the list of core competences you should highlight. Good marketing assistants not only help facilitate marketing activities, they also step in and contribute ideas and thoughts. Creativity is vital in marketing and shows your ability to fill the marketing assistant role, and to potentially grow in the company.

Planning and Organization

Good planning and organizational skills are included in the short list of core competencies for a marketing job by the website Blue Sky Interviews. "How do you plan and organize your schedule?" is an example of a possible interview question. The interviewer wants to hear specific examples of tools and resources you use to keep timely and accurate records of important events and activities. If applicable, including organizational skills on a question about your strengths is a good fit in a marketing assistant job interview.