Sales Strategy for a Nightclub

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Nightclubs need an actionable sales strategy that encompass employee behavior, operations and marketing while responding to social changes. In particular, nightclubs must cope with a shifting cultural landscape that increasingly deemphasizes alcohol consumption as a central component of going out. By reorienting toward an experience- and entertainment-driven approach, nightclubs can boost sales.

Sellers, Not Servers

Your staff represents the front line in your battle for maintaining and building sales. They need to know more than how to mix a drink and what appears on the menu. You should train your staff on the fundamentals of suggestive selling, such as recommending premium brands for mixed drinks and beers first. If you offer food, your staff should also receive training in how to cross-promote food that goes well with drink orders, such as fries or wings for beer and shrimp cocktail for mixed drinks. Sellers help create an experience that brings customers back, while servers do little more than deliver food and drink.

Unique Offerings

Providing customers something they cannot get elsewhere helps solidify your relationship with them and makes your nightclub a draw. Uniqueness can stem from exclusive house drinks, such as a cucumber-infused vodka martini, an unusual visual theme to the public space or having a reputation for booking the best up-and-coming entertainers. The more difficult your make it to replicate your offering, the longer you can expect to see returns on it.

Entice interest

Celebrate new menu items by posting pictures and videos of the club's latest offerings on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. You can also employ internal marketing by creating special menus that showcase your more expensive drinks and food. These visuals can entice interest in items that customers might otherwise not consider.

Booze-Free Choices

Not every customer wants to drink alcohol, but they also find the prospect of drinking soda all night less than appealing. Developing alcohol-free drink options to cater to this crowd, and those volunteering to serve as designated drivers, can help set your club apart as a go-to destination. If your alcohol-free drink menu is as creative as your mixed drink menu, you may even find your club attracting a whole new demographic. In addition, alcohol-free drinks tend to cost less to make which can improve your bottom line.