Good Questions for Survey Vendors

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Surveys help a company better understand how their customers appreciated the goods or services provided by the company. This is especially true for a vendor who will provide, sell or cater goods and services to a customer. The highest quality survey should have a number of good questions in it so that the vendor can better understand how their customers felt about their interaction with the vending company.

Resolving and Addressing Problems

Questions that come out and state if there are or were problems with the services by the vendor are an honest and respected approach in surveys. Asking if there are or were problems and asking if the vendor immediately responded to those issues, problems or concerns are supplemental to those survey questions.


Asking questions about the staff is crucial in order to find who in the vendor team performed above their duties or below them. Questions concerning manners, addressing problems and serving the customer's needs are some aspects of a survey question centered around staff members.


Many vendors work with suppliers, so these suppliers should be respected in a survey questionnaire. Transparency questions may involve how well the vendor expressed information to a supplier. This many include if the vendor showed contracts, sales reports and process controls on items and goods. These questions can help a supplier feel confident about selling their goods through this vendor.

Quality Control

Vendors can ask their customers if they feel the products sold through the vendor are of highest quality. This depends on the vendor; for example, a food vendor may want to know from the people they cater to if the food items are above a certain quality. Other types of vendors may want to ask customers if they feel the vendor sells high quality goods, goods that are top of the line or gives services to their customers that are considered to be the industry standard or better.