What Is Fact-Based Selling Experience?

Fact-based selling is the use of business intelligence to interpret data and communicate benefits to prospects. You have fact-based selling experience if you have worked in a sales job where you converted data into information for selling presentations.

Data Sources

The starting point for fact-based selling is the compilation of internal and external data from software programs, industry reports, charts, graphs and statistical analyses. Many sales organizations collect customer data through customer relationship management software programs. If you have used CRM to manage prospects and customer relationships, you have a leg up in demonstrating fact-based selling analytics. Compiling third-party industry data reports and graphics greatly strengthens your case when promoting positive attributes of your company or products.

Presentation and Purpose

A primary purpose of fact-based selling is to establish credibility in a presentation. Rather than just saying, "Our company offers great customer service," you use fact-based selling when you say, "As you see in this chart, our company had the highest customer satisfaction rating index in the industry at 96.7 percent." You could also show a pie chart indicating trends toward certain products or services as part of an effort to convince a business buyer to innovate. Your experience in converting facts and data into powerful, credible presentations is valuable to sales managers.