How to Get Sponsored Fashion

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Getting a fashion sponsorship is possible if you can help market the product. Sponsors want to be sure they can get something in return, including brand awareness and someone with high visibility to market it before they sign a contract. Typically, fashion sponsorship is reserved for a range of individuals from artists and television personalities to athletes. You must be visible to many before you can be sponsored, but starting in your local community may be a good approach.

Conduct thorough research to learn about your prospective sponsors. Rather than randomly approaching corporations, shortlist those likely to associate with you. Look at each company's sponsorship policy and goals. Note that some companies don't accept unsolicited sponsorship proposals. Omit those.

Start with companies in your area if that is where you're more visible. A local clothing line in your town might want to dress a local personality to create brand awareness because local people usually want to associate with local icons.

Approach marketing directors, community corporate affairs directors or sponsorship directors of the companies you've shortlisted. Talk to them about why you think it's a good idea for you to be associated with their companies.

Send letters to prospective sponsors detailing your ability to market fashion. Indicate your previous accomplishments, if any, and what you envisage doing in the future. Explain how you think the sponsor can benefit by associating with you.

Be realistic when making a pitch for sponsorship, especially if this is your first attempt to get sponsored fashion. Sponsors are usually more comfortable with famous personalities who have previously represented other companies. Don't expect substantial amounts of cash benefits on your first fashion sponsorship deal, especially if you're dealing with a small company. Start slowly and let your relationship with your sponsor grow over time.