With more than 11,000 retail locations around the world as of the date of publication, it's not uncommon for Walmart to expand into different store formats or remodel existing locations. When it comes to contractor and mechanical services, which includes construction and engineering work as well as architectural design, Walmart turns to outside contractors who then hire subcontractors to help with the massive jobs. But before aiming to be one of Walmart's contractors, you'll want to make sure you're up for the task.

Scale and Scope

The burden of organizing the project into phases and staying on budget and on schedule is on the contractor. And Walmart has been known to move into uncharted territory where the stakes are high and the contractor has the most to lose. Make sure you can fully commit to a project with the scale and scope that Walmart is known for: The retailer added 33 million retail square feet of space in fiscal 2014 alone, according to the company's 2014 annual report.

Go Green

Walmart has committed to generating all of its energy from renewable power sources, such as solar. As of 2012, the retailer was on its way to installing solar on most of its rooftops in California. It prefers to work with local contractors, and a single solar installation at one of its retail locations commands nearly 50 contractors. Make yourself a more attractive candidate by becoming licensed in your state to install solar power.

Price Conscious

Find a way to stand out from the other contractors. For example, Walmart is known for its everyday low prices and for bringing value to its customers. It is also intent on selling domestically made merchandise in its stores. As of 2014, it had earmarked $250 billion to invest in American-made products over nearly a decade. By familiarizing yourself with the themes that are important to Walmart, you can tailor your application and portfolio accordingly.

Send an Application

If you think you fit the bill to become one of Walmart's contractors, you must follow a series of direct steps. Send an email to conprojcoord@wal-mart.com. Include your name and contact information. Provide access to a portfolio of your past work, such as an online photo gallery or a list of past jobs. Attach standard contractor documents, including the AIA Contract Documents and A305 statement. Finally, identify the states in which you're certified to operate.