When organizations or government agencies such as cities and counties need goods or services, they want to get the best deal possible. In order to get the best bargain, they issue solicitation documents called request for proposals (RFP), request for quotes (RFQ) or request for bids (RFB). These legal documents invite companies to bid on supplying the goods or services being requested. When these materials are needed quickly, bids may only be accepted for a few days. If this is the case, the organizations or government agencies may request bidders to complete and turn in a bid memo instead of a full bid, which can be many pages long.

Step 1.

Write down the bid number in the box or on the line labeled "Bid Number." This notifies the organization or government agency requesting the bids exactly what project you are bidding on. Include the date you are filling out the bid number in the box or line labeled "Date."

Step 2.

Write the title of the bid in the box or on the line labeled "Project Name" or "Title." This can be found on the front page of the solicitation documents. Write the location of the project in the box or on the line titled "Location." If you're bidding to provide products, the location is where you would be delivering the products to.

Step 3.

Include your company information. There are boxes or lines to write your company's name, phone number, address and the name of the employee writing and approving the bid.

Step 4.

Write the type of work being requested in the box or on the line labeled "Type of Work." For example, if you are bidding to provide construction management services, write "Construction Management."

Step 5.

Write what you are going to provide the organization or government agency under the "Work Included" section. For each service or product provided, write the amount you are requesting to be paid under the "Bid Amount" section to the right of the "Work Included" section. Total the "Bid Amount" column up in the "Total Bid" box or line.

Step 6.

Complete the "Acknowledgment of Addenda" section. Addenda are issued by the organization or government agencies when there is a change in the solicitation documents. Include the number of the addenda in this section and the date issued. This information is located on the individual addendum. There are not always addenda issued; leave this section blank if there are no addenda.