How to Write Cover Letters for a Feasibility Plan

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The difficult task – creating a feasibility plan – is behind you. Now you must write a cover letter because best business practices dictate that it’s more than a tad unprofessional to simply tuck the plan in an envelope and ship it off. Regard the cover letter as the finishing touch – the bow on the gift package, if you will – that demonstrates to the recipient that you care about appearances and also about making any last-minute changes to the feasibility plan.

Select a business-like font for your letter. To create symmetry, select the one you used for your feasibility plan. Otherwise, Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma in 11 point are good choices. Set up 1-inch margins on the top, bottom and sides and arrange the letter in block style, with no indentations.

Type the return-address heading, which includes your address (not your name) followed by the date. Double-space.

Type the inside address, or the name and address you are sending the feasibility plan to. Double-space.

Type the salutation. Double-space.

Write the first paragraph, summarizing the purpose of the letter and alluding to any pertinent details regarding the feasibility plan: “Enclosed please find a feasibility plan that outlines (provide the scope of the plan and its purpose) that I am pleased to provide you on behalf of (the name of your company).” Double-space.

Point out that the recipient should carefully read the plan and make any changes – and soon – before any contracted professional services are set to begin. Be sure to establish a reasonable deadline, giving the recipient enough time for a careful review but not so much time that the plan could fall from the business radar screen: “I respectfully request that you review the enclosed plan to ensure that it accurately reflects all pertinent points. If not, and you wish to make any changes, please contact me at (your phone number) at your earliest convenience to discuss them. If not, please sign the plan where indicated on the last page. I will call you within a week to set up an agreeable time for me to pick up the plan from your office.” Double-space.

Write a closing paragraph that points forward to any business relationship that the feasibility study portends. “I thank you kindly in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. Now that the feasibility plan is complete, I look forward to working with you in a productive and mutually beneficial manner for many years to come.” Double-space.

Type a formal closing, such as: “Sincerely yours” or “Sincerely.” Space four times.

Type your name. Space once. Type “Enclosure” (which refers to the feasibility plan). Sign your name in the space between the closing and your typed name.


  • Read your letter aloud. Then ask a trusted colleague – preferably one involved with the feasibility plan – to read it, too. Proofread and edit the letter before sending it.

    Save a copy of the letter for your files.