How to Start Up a Lawn Mowing Company in Minnesota

In Minnesota, lawn mowing is considered basic home maintenance. As such, you don't need a special contractor's license to start a lawn mowing company in Minnesota. However, if you choose to provide any services using chemical fertilizers or herbicides and pesticides, you must obtain a license from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Additionally, you must still comply with all of the regulations set forth by the specific county where you wish to do business, so it is always a good idea to contact your local county government before beginning.

Develop a basic business plan that outlines the geographical area that your lawn mowing company will serve, services offered, fee structure, accounting methods, advertising strategies and how and where you will obtain, transport, service and store your mowing and lawn maintenance equipment.

File a Certificate of Assumed Name with the Minnesota Secretary of State's office. To complete the process you will be required to publish this name in a legal newspaper for two consecutive issues where your business will be located.

Apply for a tax ID number from the Minnesota Department of Revenue, since lawn, garden-care, and tree and bush services are subject to sales tax in this state.

Obtain a business license from your local county clerk's office. If you are choosing to run your business from your home, you may be subject to zoning restrictions or required to store lawn care equipment that is primarily used for your business in a different location. Most counties also require permits for signs that are displayed at your place of business or for advertising purposes at customer's homes.

Purchase liability insurance for your lawn mowing business and bonding if desired. This protects you in the event of an accident or you are unable to complete a particular job and promotes customer confidence. Remember to insure any expensive equipment or vehicles used to provide lawn mowing services and to register vehicles appropriately with the state.