How to Calculate a One-Way ANOVA Test on a TI-84

by Michael Bryant; Updated September 26, 2017

A One-Way ANOVA, or analysis of variance, is a test used primarily in market research studies to compare the means of a single independent variable to that of the researcher's dependent variable. Before the age of modern technology, calculating a ANOVA was a complicated, time-consuming process, but today, it is relatively easy. If you have access to a TI-84 graphic calculator, and a complete, accurate data set, calculating a One-Way ANOVA is an easy way to see the results of your independent variable.

Step 1

Open your data list by pressing "Stat edit," and enter in your recorded data as it appears written.

Step 2

Press "Stat" and "Tests," selecting "ANOVA" from the available menu.

Step 3

Enter the lists that you loaded under "Stat edit" so it appears on the screen as "ANOVA(L1, L2)." Press "Enter."


  • Perform a Two-Way ANOVA by entering your second independent variable as another data set on your calculator.


  • Although it is possible to do statistical calculations on the TI-84, it is much more practical to use a program such as SPSS.

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