How to Email a Complaint to Burger King

People love to complain to corporations through email. Email allows you to avoid that little on-hold message that continually tells you that your call is important, and you don’t have to find a stamp buried deep in the back of a drawer. However, Burger King’s corporate office does not address customer complaints by email, so if you want to email a complaint to Burger King, you have to do a little more work than usual.

Determine who should receive your complaint. People often want to take their complaint to the top. This is usually not the best decision. Sometimes you are best helped by the store manager or the store owner. If you can, start by complaining to the manager on duty. If you do not get the response you desire, ask for the email address or phone number for the general manager or franchise owner.

Continue up the chain of command, until you get the resolution you require. Email the general manager using the information provided by the manager on duty. If the general manager does not resolve the problem, ask for the email address of the franchise owner. The franchise owner is the person most likely to help you. He is the actual owner of the store you visited.

Make sure to keep a list of everyone that you have contacted and the date and time of the communication. As you go up the chain of command, you will want to prove that you have spoken to other people within the organization and have not had your problem resolved.

If the store is unhelpful in responding with email addresses, make sure to get the name of the franchisor. Often one person or corporation owns several Burger Kings, and you can find the appropriate email address online through a search engine.

It is unlikely that you need to go over the head of the franchise owner in order to get your complaint resolved. However, if you have a problem that can not be addressed at any level other than headquarters, call Consumer Relations at (305) 378-3535, and report your dissatisfaction. If you have done your homework, and the complaint has not been resolved, you probably have a pretty serious complaint. It will be easier to get an email address at this stage.


  • If you are intent on complaining directly to Burger King’s headquarters, you might find it easier to write a letter or call them on the phone. Contact Burger King Corporation, 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, FL 33126 or call Consumer Relations at (305) 378-3535.