Average handling time, or AHT, measures how long it takes a call center agent to take care of a typical customer call. It is a central component for call center planning, as it relates to the number of clients an agent is expected to handle in a workday.

Include All Agent Time

A basic calculation for AHT is the sum of total talk time, total hold time and total wrap-up time divided by the number of calls handled. The "hold" time is when the agent places the client on hold and not the length of time the customer spends in the queue. This calculation includes the conversation time with the client, the time spent researching the answer to a question and the time spent wrapping up the call after the customer has hung up.

Distinguish From Average Call Duration

The average call duration is the amount of time a customer spends on the call, including time spent in the queue waiting for service from an agent. Since queue time does not have a bearing on agent productivity, it should not be included in AHT.