How to Create an RFP

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Companies often create requests for proposals (RFPs) when they have projects they want completed. An RFP is a request for contractors to bid on the projects these companies are planning. An RFP states the project description, qualifications, timing information and other details about the project. Contractors receive the RFP and must determine if they want to create a proposal for the job. The company issuing the RFP accepts proposals until a certain date and then chooses one contractor to award the project to.

Describe your company. The first step in creating an RFP is to describe your company. State the length of time it has been in business, the products or services it offers and other details that describe the company.

State the project description. Describe in detail what you are looking for. Include what the project is, the location of the project and its purpose. Describe the functions of the project and the project’s objectives.

Outline specifications. Give precise specifications regarding this project. It is vital to give the bidding contractors all of the information they need in order to successfully complete a thorough, accurate proposal for the job.

State the deadline. Offer details regarding the timeline of the project. State when you expect the project to begin and the date it should be completed. Give a deadline date for the submission of proposals by the contractors who choose to bid on the job.

Describe the ways for contractors to reply. Give instructions to the contractors that inform them where to send their proposals and the acceptable methods. You may prefer receiving them by mail or you can choose to accept faxes or emails containing proposals. Include a contact name and phone number to allow contractors to call for further information about the project or to have questions answered.

Explain how the winner of the project will be chosen. Include criteria that you will use to make the decision of which company to hire. Describe things of great importance including the importance of contractors sending in complete, accurate proposals and sending them in by the deadlines.