How to Call MagicJack's Customer Service

The MagicJack is a phone jack that allows you to connect your phone line to the Internet on your computer. The phone line goes into the end of the MagicJack, and the USB connection on the other end goes into the USB port on your computer. You can then make free calls to anywhere in Canada or the United States. The MagicJack company handles all its customer service through online chat, but if you want to contact a human you can call the company's billing department. It is the company's only phone number.

Call 281-404-1551 to reach the MagicJack customer service department for the billing section of the business.

Tell the customer service representative about your billing issue, if that is the issue you need to resolve. If your problem is not a billing issue, tell the customer service representative what your issue is. He will be able to direct you to another live person who can help.

Wait for the customer service representative to transfer you to the appropriate person. Explain your problem to that person and follow his instructions for a resolution.


  • If you do not want to call customer service, visit the MagicJack website to speak to a live operator on an online chat.