Although many people regard meetings as a waste of time, they are an efficient way to share information, follow the progress of a big project and improve communication between members of a team. It is important that everyone involved attends the meeting and arrives on time to prevent unnecessary delays. An effective way of prompt those involved to be there on time is to send everyone a reminder of the upcoming meeting a few days before it is scheduled to take place.

Step 1.

Send an email to all meeting attendees a couple of days before the meeting.

Step 2.

Enter the email addresses of everyone who is expected to attend in the "To" field of the email template, then begin composing your message.

Step 3.

Include important details such as the date, time and location. You can also attach an agenda if there is one. This will help attendees prepare for the meeting.

Step 4.

If the meeting will involve only a few people, you may prefer to send a text message to everyone. This alerts attendees of the scheduled meeting and sends details directly to their cell phones. This way, they can check details such as time and location of the meeting at the touch of a button wherever they are. (Make sure you have everyone's correct cell phone number. Messages accidentally sent to a land line won't be received.)