How to Get a Heating & Air License in Oklahoma

The heating and air-related trades are commonly referred to with the acronym "HVAC," or heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These trades are regulated and licensed at the state level. The state of Oklahoma has specific requirements you must meet to receive an HVAC license. There are two kinds of HVAC licenses in Oklahoma: restricted and unrestricted. A restricted license authorizes you to work on HVAC systems of up to 25 tons and 500,000 Btu. An unrestricted license allows you to work on bigger systems. Both licenses are issued by the state Department of Health, Occupational Licensing Division.

Work as an HVAC technician or repairman for at least three years. You must complete this work requirement to obtain a journeyman's HVAC license in the state of Oklahoma. To get an HVAC contractor's license, you must have four years of work experience in the trade. Prior to this, you can work as an apprentice under a license holder's supervision. Many obtain their basic skill sets in the military, working on HVAC systems on military installations and aboard ships and aircraft.

Schedule an examination. In addition to the work experience requirement, you must pass an exam to receive an HVAC license in Oklahoma. Exams are administered by PSI Exams, and you can take one at any authorized proctoring center. You can register for an exam online by visiting Look for the red lettering that says "register for an exam" on the right hand side of the home page. Click that link, then select the option for government licensing agencies, and follow the prompts. Under "account," select "contractors." Then scroll to the bottom of the menu and select the appropriate "hvacr" license. Then look for the Candidate Information Bulletin for requirements specific to your exam. You will also need to pay an examination fee, which varies with the type of exam. The restricted journeyman HVAC exam costs $88 as of 2011.

Download and fill out the Mechanical Contractor's License application form from the link in resources. Note the boxes at the bottom of Page 1. Be sure to mark the selection corresponding to the type of license you want, whether it is for a restricted or unrestricted license, or to apply as a journeyman or contractor. Go through the entire form carefully. Note the application fees required for the different levels of licensing.

Return the application to the Oklahoma Department of Health, Occupational Licensing Service, 1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73117-1299. You can reach the department by phone at 405-271-5217. The department website is listed in the Resources section. Be sure to include your application fee with your form.


  • Note that the state of Oklahoma has licensing reciprocity agreements with some other states. If you are already licensed in another state, you may not have to go through all the requirements you would if you were applying for a first license. Contact the Department of Health, Occupational Licensing Division, for more information on Oklahoma's reciprocity arrangements.