How to Write an Absent From Work Letter

Employee absences can disrupt the flow of the workplace and often require others to take on additional tasks to keep things running smoothly. For this reason, employers often limit the amount of absences an employee can have and require a good reason for not being able to work. If you were absent from work, or if you have a planned absence in the near future, give your employer a letter of explanation.

Put your name and your employee number, if you have one, on the top-right side of the paper. Put the date on the left side of the page. Address the letter to your supervisor or the person in the human resources department who handles employee time off.

Tell the reason for your absence in the first paragraph. If you are writing a letter to excuse an absence that already occurred, give the date of the absence and an explanation of why you were unable to come to work. If you are requesting a day off, tell your employer the reason and the date when you will be absent. Include specific time frame if you will only miss part of the day.

Sign the letter at the bottom. Give the letter to your boss or HR personnel and include a doctor's note or other documentation if your employer requires proof.