How to Get a Taxi Cab License in New Jersey

Unlike some states, New Jersey does not provide a statewide taxicab license. Taxicab business owners must obtain a license from the municipality or township of their business location. According to the New Jersey Real Time News, a taxicab driver can pick up customers who originate in their city and have a final destination across city limits. However, it is illegal to pick up and drop off a customer in another city where you aren’t licensed. Each city sets forth their own guidelines for taxi cab licenses, but all procedures must comply with rules set forth by the state.

Contact the clerk’s office in your city or township and request an application for a taxicab license. Complete the application form detailing your name and contact information and the name and contact information of your company. If your company is a partnership or a corporation, you must list the name and address of each partner or all stockholders, officers and directors. List the make, model and year of each vehicle in your fleet, in addition to the vehicle’s plate and serial numbers, color and passenger capacity.

Schedule an inspection with your local police department, but first ask your county clerk’s office if a taxicab license requires an inspection. Townships such as Fairfield, New Jersey, require an inspection with the local police department certifying that your vehicle is suitable for licensing. Attach a copy of the inspection notice to your application.

Obtain a copy of your personal driving record from the local department of motor vehicles. Most towns require that you have a clear driving record and have never been found in violation of Title 39 of New Jersey’s Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations. If you have a criminal record, some cities require a copy of your arrest record with the application. A criminal record will not prevent you from obtaining a taxi cab license, but the city licensing board will review your circumstances and decide accordingly.

Enclose a check or money order for the licensing fee and submit your application to your local county clerk's office by mail or in person. Taxicab license fees vary from city to city. In some cities such as Morristown, New Jersey, a taxi license fee is as little as $250 per year (as of May 2011). In larger cities, such as New Brunswick, a license can cost as much as $80,000 per year, as of May 2011. Some cities charge a flat rate to license a total fleet of vehicles, while other cities such as Wayne, New Jersey, charge a license fee for each vehicle licensed.

Display a copy of your license within each vehicle in your company fleet. Per New Jersey’s motor vehicle commission code 13, all taxicab companies must present a copy of their letter of authorization or license from the local municipality where the vehicle is operated.