A release of liability waiver form can shield your enterprise from legal action. The process for completing an effective release waiver can be completed by anybody. You need not hire an attorney to create a legally binding document. You should follow the standard boilerplate conventions when drafting your waiver. The use of a trampoline can be included in the standard text of the document.

Step 1.

Start the waiver with your company name, contact information and logo. Use the same letterhead you would use for other important company documents. Display “Release of Liability Waiver” prominently at the top of the document.

Step 2.

Create blank fields. Have the fields ask the participant for the name, contact information and age. The participants will all fill in their own information once they receive the form.

Step 3.

Create the legal language. Have it state that the person releases and forever discharges and holds harmless your trampoline company. They should also understand that they discharge your trampoline company from any liability or claim with respect to bodily injury, illness, personal injury, property damage or death. Have language stating that the release applies whether or not your company or its agents act negligently.

Step 4.

Finish the form. Have the participants give their emergency contact information. Ask them to fill in any current medications or known medical conditions. You can then use this form to contact the relevant people in case of an emergency.