How to Word an Event Planner Brochure

by Jackie Lohrey; Updated September 26, 2017
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A brochure can describe the services your event planning business provides and answer frequently asked questions. Because a brochure usually is only a single trifold sheet, however, the wording needs to be concise and specific to give potential clients the correct information. It also should follow best practices specific to event planning.

Use Plain English

The University of Kansas Community Toolbox cautions against using industry jargon that potential clients may not understand. For example, instead of using the term “action station,” use a phrase such as “your guests can watch as our award-winning chef prepares their meal.” In the same way, use the term “cancellation fee” instead of “attrition clause.”

Create Balance With Word Choices

While strong, descriptive words breathe life into your brochure, informative words are also important. Descriptive words typically are subjective, while informative words are more objective. Strike a balance between them by using adjectives -- such as amazing, delightful and peaceful -- to describe event planning services and past successes and informative words when providing practical information about directions and instructions.

Eliminate Wordiness

Full sentences aren't always necessary or desirable. Although it’s important to give potential clients enough information, Elite Flyers, a graphics and printing firm, says bulleted lists are useful for providing just enough but not too much information. For example, use a bulleted list of short phrases to identify basic services such as securing a venue, hall decorating and menu planning in the top section. Then use narrative text to entice potential clients.

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