Attending events can be interesting and enjoyable. If you have been asked to critique an event, you will be taking more interest in the event and all it involves. Writing a critique includes both positive and negative aspects and has to be structured to make it easy to read and understand. The critique can also help the event planner when organizing the next event.

Attracting the right audience is an important part of an event. Consider whether this was the case. Check whether the audience was content and enjoyed the event. Indicate whether the arrangements were well-organized and if everything was in place as it should be.

Handling problems and emergencies should be considered when planning an event. Discuss this and describe any discrepancies or give praise where it is due. Indicate any areas where additional staff may have been required or possibly something not considered. Health and safety is very important at any event. In case of fire or an emergency, people need to be aware of procedures.

A presenter at an event can make a big difference. Detail whether you felt the presenter(s) did a good job and kept the momentum going and the audience engaged. Look at whether everything went to plan and if it didn't, describe how the presenter dealt with any problems and overcame them.

Eating and drinking are often a major part of an event. Describe the refreshments and how easy it was to get drinks, along with satisfaction with the food by the participants. This can vary at events, as if it is a sit-down meal and there are over fifty people to serve, it can be difficult for caterers to keep everyone happy. However, if the event is about food, then it should definitely be of a high standard.

Seating everyone can add difficulty at events. Check whether the audience found it easy to be seated and were comfortable. Getting to the event and parking is often a problem, especially if you don't know the area. Consider whether maps were provided and if there was sufficient parking. Round off your critique with a summary, indicating your overall opinion of the event and indicate where positive changes could be made.


Keep your critique concise and to the point.


Don't get personal in the critique. If possible, be general with criticisms about personnel.