Human resources is the department responsible for hiring and firing employees. Hiring involves trying to determine a person's reliability and work ethic with limited information. Occasionally, you will make a mistake when hiring employees, and you will be forced to terminate their employment. Firing employees is a necessary evil that involves following a strict set of guidelines. You can fire an employee for any major violation of your company rules or for repeated violations of minor rules. The process culminates with the employee termination document, which is also known as a "Pink Slip." This document outlines your legal reasons for firing an employee.

Step 1.

Write a title across the top of the page to announce that the document is a notice of termination. Make the title large and bold to avoid confusion. Pink paper is traditionally used in business for termination notices.

Step 2.

Specify the employee's name and Social Security number as well as her home address and the position she hold in the company. List your name, contact information, and the position you hold in the company along with the company name.

Step 3.

Outline the major infraction of company policy that is the cause of the termination. Tell the employee what policy he violated and where it is located in the employee handbook that you supplied to him when he was hired. Provide a copy of the paper the employee signed stating that he read and understood the handbook.

Step 4.

Give all of the details of the infraction. Include the date, time and location of the infraction. Detail how it was handled at the time, who decided on termination and why she made that decision.

Step 5.

Add a list of past infractions of company policy. Accompany this with a detailed account of the punishment imposed for each offense to prove a pattern of violations along with a determined effort to curb this pattern and work with the employee.


Learn all of the employment laws that are enforceable in your state. Follow these rules to avoid civil prosecution.

Remain professional in your letter of termination. Refrain from using slanderous words and phrases to avoid civil prosecution.