How to Mail International Mail

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Sending a packaging internationally requires a few additional steps than sending mail within the United States. Depending on where you send your package, there may be restrictions on the amount and types of items you can send. This is a customs concern, just like taking items to and from different countries. While international mailing is more expensive than domestic there are several mailing options and prices.

Package the item you are mailing internationally in a sturdy envelope or box. Make sure the package is completely secure because it is traveling a far distance and will be handled numerous times. Weak tape may rip and cause the package to open. Add bubble wrap or packing peanuts if the item is fragile. Check the international shipping guide to make sure the item you are shipping complies with international mailing rules.

Write the recipient's address in the middle, front of the envelope or box. Clearly mark "To:" before the name. Write the address in capital letters so that it's easy to read. At the top right corner or back of the envelope, write "From:" followed by your name and address. Remember to include the country as the last line in both addresses.

Fill out the customs form to attach to the packaging. Complete all required fields. This includes your name, address, email and phone number as well as the same information for the recipient. List the items in the package or envelope as well as the value of the contents. Attach the form to the package.

Select the best shipping method for your package. You can mail a package or letter internationally by First Class International Mail, Global Express, Priority Mail International or Express Mail International. First Class International Mail is the cheapest and slowest way to mail items. Global Express works with Fed Ex to ship items within one to three days. Priority Mail prices are based on the size of an envelope or box and is sent within 10 days. Express Mail International is the quickest way to send an item, but it's also the most expensive.