Each year, banks review thousands of business proposals for new products and services. If you would like to start a delivery service in your area, your proposal must be tightly focused and make a case that this business would not only be different from existing delivery services, but that it would also be successful. Banks do not want to extend credit on risky ventures, and your proposal makes the case that you know what you are doing and that you are a professional capable of running a business of this nature.

Create a cover page for the report that lists the title of the proposal, the date, your name and the name of the person for whom the report was prepared.

Begin the proposal by describing your business. What sort of deliveries will you make and for whom? To whom will you deliver? What hours will you deliver and how many employees will you have? Discuss your niche in the market and why the area you will make deliveries to needs a service like yours. The more detailed and descriptive the company plan is, the better the loan officer can understand your business.

Conduct a market analysis and write and in-depth comparison of your business to other similar businesses. Describe the demographic for your business and the market for it in detail. Then, discuss the size of this market and how much of the market share you believe your business can earn. Talk about relevant trends in your industry and how your proposed business can cash in on the latest ideas.

Explain the management and organization of your delivery business. For example, the bank or investors will want to know how the management team is structured and how many employees you will have. Discuss how this structure will help your company be successful. If you already have a management team in place, provide their information here and describe the expertise of each person.

Describe the marketing strategy for your delivery business. How will you recruit customers and advertise? Describe the strategy of your sales division as well as your marketing division. You must have more than just a great idea; you must have a solid plan for capturing your share of the market.

Describe your delivery service in detail. For example, if you will deliver groceries for area residents, what sort of groceries will you deliver? Explain any limitations, such as the delivery of alcohol or prescription medications, or, if these items require a special license, how will you obtain the license to deliver these items? Explain how this service will benefit area residents.

Request the loan, naming the specific amount of money that you need. Then, provide a detailed budget that explains where the loan money will go. After the budget, create a time line that takes the investor step by step through the startup process and shows how long it will take your delivery business to be profitable.

Design any appendices that you will need, such as a map of delivery routes or a floor plan for the warehouse that you will build.

Write an executive summary that discusses each part of the proposal briefly. The executive summary should be no more than one page long. Place the summary in front of the introduction.

Write a letter of transmittal addressed to the loan officer or the investor. The letter of transmittal introduces your business and provides a brief overview of the proposal. Place the letter of transmittal directly behind your cover page and in front of the executive summary.

Bind the report by placing it in a high-quality plastic cover, or take it to the local copy shop and have a spiral binding placed on it. This cover will make your report look professional and make it more durable as well.