Government and financial regulations have continued to become more stringent in recent years. A quality assurance statement is a written report of how to correct or prevent negative issues in a company and its products. In order to write a quality assurance statement, a company must perform an audit. Once you have conducted the audit, write a quality assurance statement to investors and business owners that highlights productivity, customer service and other areas in need of improvement.

Write your report in language that is easy to understand. State the situation the way that it is.

Write a summary of your statement. This is called an abstract. This should be the first piece of information written in a quality assurance report.

Write the date of the audit, the department where it was completed, the name of the auditor and the purpose of the audit.

Write the details of the audit. Details should include things being examined and detailed reports of what was discovered. Include areas where there is waste, areas in need of customer service improvement and any areas in danger of damaging the reputation of the company.

Include charts and graphs in a separate section of the statement.

Write out the audit findings in the quality assurance statement and compare them with documented company standards.