How to Write an Introduction Letter For Yourself to a Team

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Businesses often have teams complete projects rather than allow individuals to work alone; many advantages exist in working in teams. For example, teams usually make more effective decisions than individuals, projects may be completed faster and more efficiently, new employees may be incorporated more smoothly into the workplace and employee morale may be improved by the team experience (see Reference 1). When you become a member of an established team, you must take the time to introduce yourself and your qualifications to have a smooth transition.

Begin the letter by typing the date. Skip a space, and type the general name of the team, such as "McCoy Sales Team," followed by the company name and address. Skip an additional space, and type "Dear (team name)" followed by a colon. If the team has fewer than four people, you may type their individual names instead of the team name.

Start the first paragraph by introducing yourself. Tell the team right away who you are, including your title if you have one, and state the purpose of the letter. For example, you might write, "My name is James Farland and I am writing to introduce myself. Starting on Tuesday, I will be your new project manager on the McCoy sales account." (see Reference 1)

Give any background information that you think will be necessary. For instance, if you will be working on a virtual team and this is your one opportunity to introduce yourself to all the team members before work commences, you might include more detail about your background and what other projects you have worked on so the team members have an idea of your areas of expertise and how you will contribute to the team.

Thank the team members for their time and include pleasantries about how you look forward to working with them. Provide your contact information such as your e-mail and telephone number.

Close the letter by typing "Sincerely," and skip three line spaces. Type your full name and title. Print copies of the letter on company letterhead and sign each copy. Mail the letters to each team member.