When managing a bakery there are several aspects of the business that mandate extreme care and when they are all properly cared for, your bakery can flourish. From forming an effective line of communication between you and your employees to balancing the finances of the bakery to keep it from being insolvent. Although the task can be daunting, when properly juggling the tasks needed of a bakery manager, your bakery can truly be a success.

Good Communication is Key

Step 1.

Create an open line of communication between you and all of your employees of the bakery. By allowing there to be a clear and equal playing ground you can receive valued feedback to improve the bakery in aspects you have never thought of. As well, allow each of your employees to handle the work they have been ordered to do without micro-managing everything as you can lead to upsetting your workforce.

Step 2.

Make sure your business remains financially solvent. Keeping the bakery viable is part of the job of a bakery manager who must always want to keep costs down and revenue up. Make sure that supplies for the bakery are always readily available like flour, eggs, milk and other items needed for the bakery.

Step 3.

Keep the quality of the goods produced within the bakery to the highest standard. From the simple donut to a wedding cake, the job of a bakery manager is to keep the business at its utmost best. As well, the manager must handle customer relations from handling grievances to keeping the customer satisfied at all times.

Step 4.

Manage the hiring and training of new bakery employees.You must handle the firing of employees who fail to meet the expectations of their position. Furthermore, as manager you must work to keep the work schedules for employees functioning properly at all times.

Step 5.

Keep the bakery to the highest of safety standards and always work to improve the sanitation within the bakery. From regular cleaning, washing and quality inspections to keep your bakery clean for customers and your employees.

Step 6.

Adhere to all regulations set by the area where the bakery is located. As manager you must make it a top priority to keep the business compliant with all legal, safety and sanitation standards. Regularly refresh yourself on these regulations to prevent any unnecessary problems the business could face if you fail to keep the bakery up to code. Also, make sure the business has the correct and valid licensing in the respective state and county where the bakery is located.