How to Find Dropship Wholesalers

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People are making good money by "power selling" items on auctioning sites. Most power sellers have partnered with businesses that offer to send a product directly to a buyer's home from the business warehouse as long as the seller secures the buyer. This operation is called dropshipping. This allows power sellers to sell products from off-site warehouses without the task of packing and shipping the item themselves. First, these sellers had to find wholesale companies that are willing to dropship.

Finding a list of potential dropshippers is fairly straightforward: enter the phrase "dropship wholesalers" in a search engine and start a list of the companies that pop up.

Visit familiar sites. Websites that you've had positive shopping experiences with in the past may have dropshipping programs. Navigate the site for affiliate and dropshipping information. There are usually relatively labeled links such as "dropshipping program" or "affiliation programs." You can add these to your list.

Conduct research on the companies of interest by looking up their information on the Better Business Bureau's website (see reference). The B.B.B. will enlighten you on the company's history and track record and will also provide past customer reviews. If the business is not listed with the bureau or is overseas, you may want to consider other options.

Contact the companies that seem to best fit your needs and compare their policies and prices.


  • If you can't find any information on the wholesalers' websites, you can contact a business by phone or email and ask if they have dropshipping.