How to Register an LLC for Free

The term LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Creating an LLC offers many benefits to business owners. It enables owners to protect their personal finances from their business liabilities. An LLC is considered as a distinct legal entity from its members. All debts and liabilities that are incurred by the business activities of the LLC are not the members' responsibility. You can set up an LLC for free, though you will be required to pay mandatory fees associated with filing documents.

Choose a distinguishable name for your company. Include the abbreviation "LLC" or the phrase "limited liability company" at the end of the name you have chosen. Confirm that your chosen name has not been registered by another company in your state. To do this, visit your state's secretary or department of state website and search the database.

Download and print an Articles of Organization form from the secretary or department of state's website. If you're unable to do so, call or write the department to have the form sent to you by mail. If possible, you can also go to the department's offices in person to get the Articles of Organization.

Complete the Articles of Organization. Provide the name and address of the LLC, the reason for forming the LLC, and the name and address of each LLC member. Also include the name and address of a registered agent, which is a person or business appointed to receive the LLC's legal documents. Each person listed on the Articles of Organization must sign the document.

Submit the completed Articles of Organization to the department of state. Some states will allow you to file the form online. You can also submit Articles of Organization in person at the office. Pay the applicable filing fee. The fee will varies from state to state.