How to Get Sunday Ads

by Dan Richter - Updated September 26, 2017

The biggest day of the week for shoppers and coupon clippers is Sunday, when newspapers are filled with advertisements and sale fliers. Between the newspapers and Web sites, there are a number of ways avid sales shoppers can check out the Sunday ads.

Purchase a local newspaper. Most newspapers have an option where you can subscribe only to the Sunday edition. Or, you can buy the local paper every Sunday at a nearby newsstand, supermarket or gas station. The money you save from clipping coupons or taking advantage of sales will more than pay for the price of the paper.

Visit Web sites such as or that post the links to the weekly ads for many national retailers, including department stores, hardware stores and supermarkets. Look at the ads for stores anywhere in the nation or customize the list to show only stores in your state.

Visit the Web sites of the retailers whose ads you want to receive and see if there is an e-mail listing you can sign up for to receive weekly ads, promotions and coupons. Many retailers send exclusive coupons and promotions to consumers who subscribe to their e-mail list; some even send a copy of their weekly ad a few days before it appears in Sunday's newspaper.

Ask a friend, family member or neighbor who subscribes to save the ads for you once they are done looking at them.

Visit your local library, coffee shops, restaurants or any other establishment that receives the Sunday paper and ask if you can take the ads. Most of these establishments subscribe to the Sunday newspaper because they want the newspaper -- not the ads.

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