The biggest day of the week for shoppers and coupon clippers is Sunday. As stores prepare for new weeks, they publish ads for their upcoming sales in local newspapers and online. If you're looking to get the best deals on everything from groceries to gifts, you should get your hands on the Sunday circular.

Similarly, if you run a business and want to know what your competitors are doing, perusing the weekly sales ads can help. Making this part of your weekly ritual helps you offer your customers the best deal and understand trends in your industry.

Whatever your reason for wanting the Sunday ads, be sure to find them in the way that works for you. Between local newspapers and major retailer sites, you have plenty of options.

Subscribe to a Local Paper

The most straightforward way to get the Sunday circular every week is to purchase a subscription to your local newspaper. Most newspapers have an option where you can subscribe only to the Sunday edition.

If you don't want the paper every Sunday but want to peruse the sales for a special occasion, you can buy the local paper at a nearby newsstand, supermarket or gas station. If you want a paper every Sunday, however, a subscription typically saves you money over buying it at newsstands each week.

The money you save from clipping coupons or taking advantage of sales will more than pay for the price of the paper.

Find Ad Consolidation Websites

Whether you're trying to go green or you simply do not want to subscribe to the paper, you can take advantage of websites that aggregate Sunday ads for you. Visit websites such as or that post the links to the weekly ads for many national retailers, including department stores, hardware stores and supermarkets.

Look at the ads for stores anywhere in the nation or customize the list to show only stores in your state. These sites also show online-only sales, which some papers miss.

Go Directly to the Retailer

Sometimes the papers and aggregate websites do not include the stores that you want to shop or monitor. If this happens, visit the websites of the retailers whose ads you want to receive and join the email list. Most retailers have these lists, and they sometimes alert subscribers before the general public.

Even if you find the stores you want in the paper, you should consider visiting retailer websites as well. Many retailers send exclusive coupons and promotions to consumers who subscribe to their email list. They often also have exclusive online deals and coupons.

Get the Physical Ads for Free

If you want to get your hands on the local paper but don't have money to subscribe, ask a friend, family member or neighbor who subscribes to save the ads for you once they are done looking at them.

If you don't know any subscribers, you can visit your local library, coffee shop, restaurant or any other establishment that receives the Sunday paper. Simply ask if you can take the ads. Most of these establishments subscribe to the Sunday newspaper because they want the newspaper itself, so they may be willing to share the Sunday circular.