How to Write a Receipt Acknowledgement Letter

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Receipt acknowledgement letters confirm delivery of requested items, such as a shipment of goods or a contract proposal. The letter clearly details what was received and when. It also notes if any followup is necessary. The letters are usually just a few paragraphs long and are usually sent within one business day of receiving the requested items. Most receipt acknowledgement letters are sent by regular postal mail, but fax, email and certified mail are also options. Colorado State University notes that acknowledgement letters are a professional courtesy that help foster business relationships.

Review the items you wish to acknowledge receiving. Confirm that the delivery matched your expectations.

Address the letter to the person expecting the receipt acknowledgement. The person's full name and title along with the address should appear on the letter and the envelope.

Write the letter. In the first paragraph confirm receipt of the items by thanking the shipper for delivering the requested items or information. Then list each item received along with the date.

Inform the recipient in the second paragraph that you are pleased with the delivery -- if that is the case -- and that the delivery matched your expectations.

End the letter with a complimentary close such as "Thank you," or "Sincerely," and your printed name. Sign and send the letter.