Writing a business letter to a group or another business is a way to inquire for further information regarding the business, request a sponsorship, or propose a partnership depending on your own needs. Business letters require special formatting and attention to improve your chances for a response from the companies you contact.

Step 1.

Create a letterhead for your business letter that is professional and representative of your company or your mission and objective. Attach the letterhead to the top of your business letter before you begin formatting the remainder of the business letter template.

Step 2.

Format your business letter by using a standard business letter template to keep your letter professional-looking and credible to potential groups or companies. Format the letter by first adding a date below your letterhead, followed by the sender's address as well as the inside address (whom the letter is personally directed to).

Step 3.

Begin writing your letter in keeping with the business letter format, adding a proper salutation (such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.) before stating your objective or needs.

Step 4.

Write the body of your letter to the group or company you are looking to contact. Be straightforward and direct with what your mission is, or what you are interests in the company are. Establish the relationship you are looking for with the company (as well as whether or not it is long-term), along with the plans and solutions for your proposition.

Step 5.

End the letter with a "Call to Action", informing the company or group of how to follow up with you, or how you will be following up with them.

Step 6.

Sign the letter with your full name personally using blue or black ink to give your message a personal touch.

Step 7.

Proofread the letter before mailing or sending it to the group or company you intend to contact.