How to Format a Canadian Address

Addressing a letter properly is very important to ensure that it reaches the recipient as quickly as possible. Addresses should contain as much information as you can allow. Canada Post provides guidelines to addressing a letter in Canada that you should follow to aid the service in delivering your package promptly. Details should include recipient's name, street address and the postal code.

Write the recipient's name. Canada Post requests that you write in upper case if possible to aid the postal service worker in reading the address.

Write the additional delivery information under the recipient name. Additional information can include the room number, floor number, recipient's job title or care of person's name.


Write the address. Insert the unit number ahead of the civic number, the number assigned to the address by the municipality. Write the street name followed by the street type, such as street, avenue or boulevard. Next, write the municipality name, followed by the state name. Finalize the address with the postal code. An example of a completed Canadian address would look like:


John Doe Room 123 65-123 Snow St Montreal, QC H3Z 2Y7



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