Instructions on Writing a Quality Control Inspection Plan

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Quality control inspections ensure that some or all elements of a business or product are safe and effective. All inspections of this nature are governed by a detailed, organized quality control inspection plan. Writing a quality control inspection plan requires careful attention on the process and timeline of the inspection, as well as information for the company following the inspection.

Generate a project quality control organizational chart that identifies individual roles of the quality control personnel, how they relate to other personnel members and what elements of the quality control project is under each personnel member’s purview.

Specify all of the duties and responsibilities of each personnel member on the quality control inspection team. Include an explanation of roles, as well as an identification of key personnel who will act as managers.

Identify the communication plan that the team will use while working on the quality control inspection plan. For example, you might indicate that members will communicate interpersonally, via email or through some sort of proprietary messaging system.

Detail the quality testing plan. Include a list of the equipment the team will use while conducting the inspection, as well as an explanation of how each piece of equipment will be used and calibrated. If possible, provide credentials indicating the team’s accreditation or certification with any and all equipment that may require training or experience.

Provide a detailed, thorough task list of the inspection plan. Build redundancy into the task list to ensure a thorough inspection.

Explain the standards that will be utilized while conducting the quality control inspection. These standards can either be borrowed from an independent governing agency (for example, the FDA or OSHA), or they can be tailored to a specific company or project.

Explain what will happen when elements of that which is being inspected either pass or fail the inspection. Anticipate how a company might maintain or improve current standards, as well as how that company might replace any elements of the inspected component that do not meet quality control standards.

Establish a time frame for the company relating to its next quality control inspection. Set deadlines for replacing elements that failed the standards set for the inspection, as well as goal dates for company compliance.


  • Though not the first document to appear in a quality control inspection plan, you might benefit from producing the written components of the plan before attempting to illustrate them with a diagram.