How to Learn Tally Accounting Software

Small business owners know that keeping track of accounting tasks and managing a business requires a great deal of planning and a reliable software tool. Tally accounting software is designed to provide an all inclusive software solution that ties banking, payroll, invoicing and payments together with remote access allowing accounting entry and management from more than one location. Designed for use by small to mid-sized companies, Tally provides numerous options for learning how to use its Tally.ERP 9 business software.

Attend one or more Tally online training webinars. Tally provides a wide range of online and pre-recorded seminars designed to teach various aspects of its accounting software program. Seminars are free and topics include working with the knowledge base, the income tax module, data synchronisation and using accounting and inventory enhancements. Pre-recorded webinars may require a download of the WebEx Player software.

Access the free demos at the Tally Solutions website. Over 25 demos walk users through a variety of accounting tasks using Tally software. Learn how to setup a company's records and manage receivables, accounts payable and invoices. The complete set of demos can be downloaded together or each one can be viewed separately.

Use the free reference manual. The Tally.ERP 9 reference manual is a free download found at the Tally Solutions website. The manual includes actual screen images and directions to visually guide the learner through tasks like entering payroll information and printing checks for accounts receivable. The manual covers payroll, banking and accounting vouchers. (see Resources)

Review Tally Tips for weekly product tips. Although not a complete learning solution, Tally Tips can provide shortcuts and make users aware of new ways to use Tally's accounting software. Learn how to work with the value added tax, configure balance sheets and alter voucher numbers. Current and previous tips are accessible through the Tally website in .pdf format.

Use Tally's Implementation Guides. The guides are similar to the reference manual but written as a set of lessons that include a .pdf guide, a Powerpoint presentation and sample reports. Implementation guides

Attend a Tally authorized training center. Known as a TallyAcademy, these training centers teach students how to use the Tally.ERP 9 software product through classroom instruction. Tally arranges classroom training in the US when requested. Contact Tally directly to request training for your employees.